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Cadet Life

Where the potential to forge a new path is realized

Self-confident and well-rounded

The challenges a cadet faces in his daily life help to develop him into a stronger, more self-confident, and well-rounded young man. This includes not only what he faces in his classroom studies but through his participation in sports and activities and his interaction with other cadets. His spiritual growth as a man is further strengthened through his involvement in clubs and community services events and his leadership experiences through our Junior ROTC program.

Each day of a cadet's life is a chance for him to grow and mature. The Marine Military Academy's goal is the development of the "whole man" - mind, body and spirit.

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A Day in the Life

From reveille to taps a cadet's day is planned and busy. Spend 24 hours with the cadets of Marine Military Academy and learn about a cadets typical day.

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Spiritual Development

We are committed to furthering our cadets moral and spiritual maturity through religious opportunities. Our weekly Vespers program promotes our cadets growth and maturity in the moral and spiritual realms of life.

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During the week cadets wake up at 5:30am, exercise as a group, eat breakfast, attend morning colors, go to class, have lunch, participate in afternoon sports, eat dinner and study until 9:30pm. On the weekends, Saturday mornings include planned events. Cadets have free time (liberty) Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

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Cadet Quarters

Cadets live two to a room in one of five barracks. A barracks houses 50 cadets and is supervised by an adult Drill Instructor and his assistant. Each barracks has a TV room, computer lab, and Wifi access. Cadets eat together in the campus mess hall and can enjoy recreation opportunities in athletic facilities, library, auditoriums and the Cadet Activity Center.

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Things To do

Campus facilities offer a lot of potential for the active boy and there are a variety of clubs, activities and enrichment programs to match any intellectual interest.

We believe community service is an important aspect of a cadet's education. Cadets contribute over 3,000 community service hours a year through a variety of programs.

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