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Military Program

Providing Structure and Teaching Self-Discipline

Supporting Academic Achievement

Marine Military Academy established itself apart from most of the military schools in that it is based on the time-honored customs and traditions of the U.S. Marine Corps. Unlike many of today's military schools, our students are not limited to a one-hour class for military science and wear a uniform once a week. Our cadets are immersed in the JROTC program every day. The instilled discipline, goal orientation, and initiative of military leadership training are directed toward scholastic achievement.

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Leadership Development

We forge tomorrow’s leaders through time-honored Marine Corps traditions and values.

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Cadet Life

Cadets have a wide variety of clubs, activities, and services available allowing each to pursue their interests, have fun and support their individual growth.

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Marine Corps JROTC

Marine Corps JROTC program promotes and develops good citizenship, confidence and leadership traits. Learn more about Marine Corps JROTC.

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Introductory Program

Each new student at MMA must complete a four week training course to join the MMA Corps of Cadets. The course is designed to build confidence and successful habits.

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We drive an individual's development through high expectations, teaching teamwork and the achievement of goals.

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Organization and Rules

Every cadet is assigned to a company. There are five companies, and each has its own drill instructor.

The Academy's Right Guide is the cadet's code of conduct. Cadets are expected to read, understand and follow the Right Guide.

At our LEAD Complex, cadets learn to overcome obstacles, work as a team, and build their self-confidence.

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Common Questions and Military Staff

Need more information or have questions? Read our FAQ or contact our military staff.

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